The Odcombe Legstretcher! by Malcolm Thick

This Play was written by one of our members Malcolm Thick, a long-time admirer of Coryate and included music, mime and “history”. The play reflects the humorous aspects of Coryate’s own writing and in particular his stay in Venice.

We performed it in the village of Odcombe commemorating 400 years since the death of their local hero “Thomas Coryate”.

Many thanks to the village of Odcombe for their kind hospitality.

It helped raise £440 for the village fund.

Pathway by Tasha Moar and Dan Shipman-Toon


A festival piece written and directed by two members, performed at Henley Fesitval and ODN Festival in 2017

The Murder Particle by Greg Greetham


The Murder Particle is a fun murder mystery script which follows the murder of Professor Brian Box and the subsequent investigation by health and safety.

Originally performed in 2014 in Didcot and nearby villages of Harwell and Hagbourne.