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The Phoenix, Thomas Coryate and academic research! (March 2020)

 We have recently been in email correspondence with Christian Feser, currently doing a PhD on Thomas Coryate at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). 

He wrote, “ I just stumbled upon your recent production of the Legge-stretcher's voyages on your YouTube video, and I'd be delighted to know more, considering yours is probably the first and only dramatic adaptation of his work…….Since I am supposed to put a literary theorist spin on my thesis, I will be looking at the use of eccentricity in Coryate's works and figure out why they became obsolescent so quickly after his death ……However, I'd like to look at Coryate's reception as well, which is where your dramatic adaptation of the Crudities would be a perfect fit!”

(After we had sent the script and photographs, and an explanation of how the original script was workshopped.)

“Thank you for the photos and the poster! It looks like everyone involved had great fun. Together with the delightful script, it must have been a very entertaining night for the Odcombians!

It is interesting that you should mention the pantomime. It's a brilliant observation that you would have been influenced by that. I know only little about the English pantomime, but the fact that it puts emphasis on audience participation and double entendre alone suits a stage adaptation of the Crudities so well.”

Rumpelstiltskin (January 2019)

Gary Lugsden (the author of Rumpelstiltskin)  

"It really seemed everyone both in the audience and on stage had a great time!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show... a job well done!"

Rumpelstiltskin (January 2019)

Paul Smith (the publisher of Smiths Scripts)

"It was great to come and see you all and I really enjoyed the show. I thought you adapted to the venue really well!"


Awards 2018


" The Bench at the Edge” by Luigi Januzzi


• Runners up - won

• Best Single Sex play - won

• Best Actor – nominated (Dan Shipman-Toon)

• Best Actor – nominated (Dave Cooke)

ODN- Abingdon

• Called back for final night

• Punters Prize – 3rd Place

Corn Exchange - Wallingford

• Winners

• Best Actor – nominated (Dan Shipman-Toon)

• Best Actor – nominated (Dave Cooke)

• Magic Moment - nominated


"Primrose Way" by Ron Nicol


• Best Supporting Actress – won (Daisy Norton)

• Best Actress – nominated (Faye Rowe)

ODN - Abingdon

• Called back for final night

Corn Exchange - Wallingford

• Magic Moment – nominated

• Best Actor – nominated (Daisy Norton)

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