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Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
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    Please Note: there is no meeting on Wednesday 13th June

    We are currently reading through scripts to select one for our production in September. Just drop by the Northbourne to join in. Auditions will be held soon.

    Festival Pieces

    We are currently working on two Festival pieces. There are also play readings and other social activities, to keep us busy. Please contact us to find out more, or just drop by the Northbourne on a Wednesday.   

    "Primrose Way" by Ron Nicol

    The aging bag lady on the streets who opens the play is the eponymous Primrose Way, once a professional actress. As she reminisces and her story unfolds, we see her enthusiastic youthful self retracing her career in the theatre, and reliving the memories of her ambitious mother, herself a professional actress, who delights in playing a number of other characters who drift through Primrose’s recollections.

    "A touching drama with moments of gentle comedy" - Amateur Stage
    "A beautufully written, poignant drama" - Scene
    "I loved this play. It made me laugh. It made me cry. What more could one want?" - Prompt Magazine

    “A Bench at the Edge” by Luigi Januzzi

    A man sits on a bench at the edge of an abyss watching the human race rush into it. Along comes a second man contemplating "a heroic dive." What is the abyss and what are these men doing here? Terrifying concepts and visions of deepening mysteries emerge from their confrontation, and they conclude that life is precious after all.

    "Jannuzzi's comedy is refreshingly offbeat" - Daily News
    "Pretention is avoided with Ingenius narrative turns and electric repartee." - Los Angeles Times
    "Dialogue riddled with humor and empathy for the human condition and the decisions of life and death.  A fine piece of writing." - Dramalogue

    Awards 2017

    The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco

    Winner of the Lighthorne Festival of One-Act Plays last month (June 2017)

    British All Winners Festival 

    • Top prize in the One-Act section. 
    • Youth Section trophy, won by Corin Lawfull. 
    • Youth Section nomination, Daisy Norton.

    Pathway written by members Tasha Moar & Dan Shipman-Toon

    Oxfordshire Drama Network Festival

    • Best New Director won by Tasha Moar
    • 3rd in Punters Prize

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