Dracula The Pantomime

Count Dracula has arrived in England in search of the key to his hoard of stolen treasure.  Assuming the guise of property tycoon Major Artery, he crosses paths with Duffy the Vampire-slayer, whose mother, Dame Plasma, rents a house from him. Dracula escapes back to Transylvania, but is pursued by Duffy and Inspector Ventricle and his sidekick, PC Platelet. Who in turn is followed by Dame Plasma, her friend Rema and Dr Paul Bearer. A terrific gothic-style panto, which contains all the elements needed to keep the audience spellbound. 

So come and join us in Didcot or Harwell for a bit of suspense, mock horror and heaps of tongue-in-cheek humour all wrapped up in traditional panto style!

Tickets - £10/£6

Family tickets - £26 (4 tickets - max 2 adults)

10% discount available for groups of 10 or more

Didcot Civic Hall

Friday 24th January 19.30pm  - Tickets

Saturday 25th January 14.30pm - Tickets

 Saturday 25th January 19.30pm - Tickets

Harwell Village Hall

Saturday 1st February 15.30pm  - Tickets 

What's Next?

Wednesday 5th and 12th February at the Northbourne

This is an ideal time for anyone who might be interested in joining.

  • Anna will be directing Terry Prachett's "Wyrd Sisters" so will be needing a large cast - performances in June/July
  • Pete and Karen are interested in directing festival pieces which will require smaller casts and will be performed at Henley, Abingdon, Wallingford, Lighthorne and Banbury in May/June/July.

So plenty to get involved with this year!


Rumpelstiltskin (January 2019)

Gary Lugsden (the author of Rumpelstiltskin)  

"It really seemed everyone both in the audience and on stage had a great time!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the show... a job well done!"

Rumpelstiltskin (January 2019)

Paul Smith (the publisher of Smiths Scripts)

"It was great to come and see you all and I really enjoyed the show. I thought you adapted to the venue really well!"


Awards 2018


" The Bench at the Edge” by Luigi Januzzi


• Runners up - won

• Best Single Sex play - won

• Best Actor – nominated (Dan Shipman-Toon)

• Best Actor – nominated (Dave Cooke)

ODN- Abingdon

• Called back for final night

• Punters Prize – 3rd Place

Corn Exchange - Wallingford

• Winners

• Best Actor – nominated (Dan Shipman-Toon)

• Best Actor – nominated (Dave Cooke)

• Magic Moment - nominated


"Primrose Way" by Ron Nicol


• Best Supporting Actress – won (Daisy Norton)

• Best Actress – nominated (Faye Rowe)

ODN - Abingdon

• Called back for final night

Corn Exchange - Wallingford

• Magic Moment – nominated

• Best Actor – nominated (Daisy Norton)

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