Rumpelstiltskin (2019)


by Gavyn Lugsden

This original version of the Brothers Grimm tale is brought to life with a few twists and traditional pantomime turns! Join the villagers in the town of Happy-Jolly-Funny as they audition for the role of the next Queen Marie will surely win the heart of the King as she has a talent of spinning straw into gold or does she? Join us for a veritable feast of songs, slapstick and terrible jokes to cheer up a dreary January day and banish those post Christmas blues! We will once again be joined by the fantastic Step in Time dancers who always add some sparkly and energy to our pantomimes. 


Red Riding Hood Goes Out West (2018)


A clever and very funny re-working of the traditional fairy tale by Jackie Staite, set in the American West. Red Ridinghood, an independent-minded English girl, arrives in the town of Not Very Big Boulder to save Grandma from the outlaw, Bad Bart, and his incompetent sidekick, Brains.  Bad Bart hires Big Bad Wolf, an Indian brave with a villainous reputation, to kill Grandma, but help it at hand in the form of the Lone Ranger & Tonto – or it would be if the Lone Ranger were more competent and less vain! Red Ridinghood, the children and Tonto save the day.

Comments from the Director "I always like to go for something a bit different when I direct Panto, and this script appealed to me as soon as I read it. An array of interesting characters and roles for the younger members of the group. It was fantastic to get new members join the group as part of the cast, and they did brilliantly. It was a joy to see the show come together and everyone put on fantastic performances. We had some amazing costumes and great set that helped make the show what it was. And as always Step In Time provided some great dances that complemented the show perfectly."


Jack & the Beanstalk



Ali Baba