Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
Didcot Phoenix Drama Group
  • Social Phoenix

    Famous Phoenix Quiz and Ploughmans

    One of the biggest highlights in the social calendar is the yearly quiz, hosted by the previous years winners. Questions range from well known facts and current news to the down right bizarre. No year is ever the same!

    Everyone is welcome so bring family and friends along, create a team and be part of a great evening with Phoenix Drama!

    Play Readings

    For hose not involved in the current production, play readings are held to look at potential material for future productions. 

    These are a lot of fun and allow members to stretch themselves in different roles. It is also a good opportunity for our writers to test their material. 

    Other events include the Summer BBQ and the Christmas Party.

    Occasionally we also head out of Didcot to see other plays, including fellow amateur societies, particularly at drama festivals.

    Don't forget to cheer us on in the annual Didcot Street Parade!

    DAFTA Awards 2018


    1 DAFTA Award for Outstanding "Original" Production

    Malcolm & Jane  - Original script at a new location for us all, The Odcombe Legstretcher

    2 DAFTA Award for Best Costume Contribution 

    Elaine - Indian costumes (and mending Dave's skirt after he tore it), Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    3 DAFTA Award for Memorable Prop Moment 

    Elizabeth & Greg - Stunning double sword catch, Reduced Shakespeare

    4 DAFTA Award for Best Song Performance 

    Greg - Don't Stop me now (and I will remember the lines), Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    5 DAFTA Award for Best Stand-in 

    Gerry - Combining Barmaid and Landlady, The Odcombe Legstretcher

    6 DAFTA Imaginary Item Award 

    Diego - Descending the "stairs" in the Shoe Shop sketch , Cheshire Cats

    7 DAFTA Award Notable New Member 

    Verity - Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    8 DAFTA Award for Rising Star 

    Elly - Noble Stallion, Red Riding Hood Goes Out West


    9 DAFTA Award for Little Rising Star 

    Izzy - Fluffy wuffy bunny feet , Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    10 DAFTA Award for Best Set 

    Bob - Saloon Doors, Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    11 DAFTA Award for Best Musical Accompanimen

    Daisy & Greg - Original Ukulele interpretation of Zipper Dee Do Da, Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    12 DAFTA Award for Dramatic Monologue 

    Faye - Emotional final speech, Cheshire Cats

    13 DAFTA Award for Unsung Hero 

    Elaine - Behind the scenes contributions  

    14 DAFTA Award for Persisting in the face of Adversity 

    Euan, Masha, Matilda - Too early with rope, but continued until the right moment , Red Riding Hood Goes Out West

    15 DAFTA Award Group Award 

    Faye, Ruby, Ali, Anna, Katherine  -Making their own iconic cat bras, Cheshire Cats

    16 DAFTA Outstanding Contribution 2018 

    Dave Rehearsed readings